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NON-COUPLED "Fat" LEICA Elmar 4,0/9cm


The Elmar 4.0/9cm was presented at the end of 1931 in a standardized screw mount version without rangefinder coupling. Codeword "ELANG". In spring 1932, the model was build in a rangefinder coupled version with codeword "ELANG-KUP"
The originally very massive version, therefore also among collectors named "fat" Elmar, was replaced from 1933 by a slimmer design. This type remained with production changes until 1963! In the 33 years where the Elmar 9cm was built, it developed into a favorite of many photographers.

Offered is an early "fat" Elmar 4.0/9cm from the year 1931. It is a lens from the second series and does not have a rangefinder coupling!
An absolute rarity in the unchanged original condition and the only lens of this kind we have seen within the last 15 years!

Total production: approximately only 2.073 units of "fat" mount-Elmars!

Rarity: R8

Rarity forecast: R8

Early version!

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