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LEICA R4 dummy with Summicron-R 2,0/50mm dummy

Towards the beginning of the 1980s, Leica produced the last camera and lens dummies. These functionless models, like their predecessors, which had been manufactured since the 1930s, served mainly as showpieces for shop window decoration.
The controls on the camera housings were usually fixed and the aparture setting ring and the focusing ring were fixed for the lenses. The front element of the lens dummies was usually made of glass and the rear elemnts was replaced by a metal plate.
In camera housings and lenses, there is often no internal assembly, that is, in both cases it is only the externally recognizable camera body or lens barrel with controls.

Since the number of dummies made by Leitz and Leica in the course of the century is very small, a circle of collectors developed, which is looking for Leica dummies and often also the cut away models.

For sale is a Leica R4 dummy from the early 1980s with Sumicron-R 2.0 / 50mm dummy. Unfortunately, with the camera the depth-of-field lever is broken, presumably when trying to actuate this. The serial number, usually engraved in the base plate, was milled in the factory and the resulting indentation was filled with white color.
Remarkable about this combination is the lens. The Summicron-R 2.0 / 50mm dummy has a regular serial number, which indicates a year of production 1982.
Normally, lens dummies were not provided with a serial number or had the letter A attached to the serial number to be marked as a dummy.

Overall, the condition of the combination is very good and this exhibit item is a nice addition to any collection.

Total production: not known

Rarity: R6

Rarity forecast: R6


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