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LEITZ Hektor 2,5/5cm nickel plated


The Hektor 2.5/5cm was Leica's first high aperture standard lens. From 1930 it was available as a fixed lens on the Leica I (Model A) and was offered in this form until 1931.
From 1930 onwards the Hektor 2.5/5cm with screw mount until 1939 in production. The surface was initially nickel-plated and later also available in silver chrome. The number of silver chromed lenses is not exactly known.
With the Hektor 5cm there are various small changes of detail during the production time. Thus there are early lenses with screw mount which were adapted to a certain Leica I camera body and have engraved the last three digits of its serial number. In addition, there are different versions of the locking button for the infinity adjustment.
Factory converted and coated lenses are also known.

The Summar 2.0/5cm available from 1933 replaced the Hektor 2.5/5cm whose sales figures since the introduction of the Summar 5cm were declining.

Offered is a Hektor 2,5/5cm with nickel-plated finish from the year 1932. The technical and cosmetic condition is very good.
The lens is obviously in unchanged original condition and is a very nice addition to a black lacquered Leica II or Leica III camera body.

Total production: approx. 9.646 units with srew mount and only 1.330 units wich were build for Leica I camera bodies

Rarity: R6

Rarity forecast: R6

in original condition!

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