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LEITZ Elmar 3,5/50mm Nickel


The Elmar 3.5/5cm is today among collectors and users regarded as the classic Leica lens, which has contributed considerably to the success of the Leica camera models.
The optical performance was outstanding at that time, and one must not forget that even the early specimens had already been corrected for color photography. Even nowadays, it is remarkable which optical performance one of the first, uncoated Elmar 3.5/5cm lenses allows.

As one of the first available Leica lenses, the Elmar 3.5/5cm was used from 1926 to 1930 in the Leica I (Model A) camera. It replaces the previously supplied Anastigmat 3.5/50mm and Elmax 3.5/50mm lenses.
In 1930, the Elmar 3.5/5cm was offered as screw mount version and was adapted to the corresponding Leica I camera. This so-called non-standardized screw mount was supposed to have been available until approx. 1932.
From 1931 onwards, the screw mount was standardized and from 1932 onwards the coupling with the rangefinder of the camera took place.
From 1933 the classic Elmar 5cm was available also with silver chromed surface and the original nickel-plated version stayed in the sales brochures parallel until 1936.
During the production period of the lens, various changes of detail took place, such as, for example, the shape of the infinity-lock button, in 1938 the Elmar 5cm received a depth-of-field scale, the aperture scale changed from continental to international style and was later exptended and the last two versions from 1951 on had a changed optical design.

The Elmar 3,5/5cm was manufactured from 1926 to 1959 and due to the high optical performance early acquired the reputation of being THE standard lens for the Leica.

Offered is an Elmar 3,5/50mm in nickel-plated version from the year 1934. The lens is in very good condition. Only the glasses have a fine haze which can be found in nearly all early Elmar 3.5/5cm lenses due to the relatively soft glass used on them.
A classic lens and a very nice addition to a Leica II or Leica III camera body in black lacquered finish with nickel plated elements.

Total production: approx 366.000 units, of these were approximately 42.700 units nickel plated screw mount type and approx. 58.000 units were fixed-lens type

Rarity: R4 for a nickel plated screw mount type

Rarity forecast: R5 for a nickel plated screw mount type


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