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LEITZ Screw-Summaron 3,5/3,5cm late version


The Summaron 3,5/3,5cm lens manufactured from 1949 was a further development of the Elmar 3,5/3,5cm lens and had a much more elaborate optical construction. Even under today's standards the imaging performance can be described as very good and the very good color correction in the design of the Summaron 3.5/3.5cm is certainly due to the fact that the lens is a classical double Gauss type (symmetrical optical construction) with relatively large Lenses was built.
From 1949 to 1959 built with screw mount connection, the Summaron 3.5/3.5cm experienced probably the most significant change in 1957: The lens barrel was redesigned and the filter diameter changed from 36mm diameter clamp on filters to a screw-in filter with a 39mm thread. This late design was already used since 1956 for the M-Bayonet version of the Summaron.

For sale is a Screw-Summaron 3,5/3,5cm from the year 1958. The lens belongs to the last design with filters size E39. The overall condition is very good, the glas is slightly foggy which is frequently found in this lens type. Including the original Leica lens hood "ITDOO".

Total production: approx. 80.019 units with screw mount, of these at most 4.000 units with E39 filter thread!

Rarity: R6

Rarity forecast: R6


including lens hood

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