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LEICA III c "Luftwaffe" set


The Leica IIIc production started in 1940 and the camera belongs to the models which were used amongst others by military forces.
That is the reason why you can find IIIc cameras bearing military engravings and having technical solutions which were not used in other models.

There is no particular entry in the delivery books of Leitz/Leica with regard to the camera and also the lens beeing military order/delivery, however James Lager shows in "Leica - An illustrated history" Volume 1 on page 97 the Leica IIIc with the number 361710 which has identical Luftwaffe (air force property) engravings!
The Summitar 5cm has a serial number followed by a star. This indicates a double delivery/replacement.
It is to be assumed that the combination was delivered in the course of the year 1940 to the German Air Force.

The engraving Luftwaffen-Eigentum (air force property) on the back of the top plate has been disfaced. This happend very frequent after the end of the war.
The everready case is also marked Luftwaffeneigentum (air force property). This embossing has also been disfaced.


The offered set ist still in unchanged original condition and the disfacement of the miiltary engravings is a definite clue for beeing an original Luftwaffen (air force) camera!


Total production: approximately 26.960 units between 1940 and 1944

Rarity: R8

Rarity forecast: R8

with "air force" case

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