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LEICA Standard (Model E) silver chrome


The Leica Standard (Model E), which was introduced towards the end of 1932, is based on the Leica I (Model C) and offered a extensible rewinding knob. The camera was produced with black lacquered as well as silver chromed camera body, the black lacquered version only until 1939 was produced. The silver chromed version was available until 1950.
Early black lacquered cameras had nickel-plated elements. These were replaced by chrome-plated operating elements during the production period. There are minor differences between individual models over the production time.

Offered is a beautifully preserved Leica Standard in silver chrome finish from the year 1936.
Particularly noteworthy is the technical condition of the Leica Standard. The viewfinder is in almost mint condition, brilliant and clear. The shutter speeds are reliably formed and appear to be absolutely within the permissible factory tolerances.
Exceptionally for a now more than 80 years old camera and a sign with which precision and attention to detail Leitz/Leica has always produced.

Total production: approx. 13.680 units in silver chrome finish

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R5


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