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LEICA II (Model D) black paint


In February 1932 the new Leica II with black lacquered camera body in combination with nickel-plated control elements was introduced. This version was produced without interruption until 1939. The silver chrome version of the Leica II was produced parallel to the black-painted model from 1933 to 1948.
The Leica II was the first Leica camera with built-in rangefinder. The camera body has seen numerous changes during the production period and late Leica II models are equipped with the top cap of the Leica III. In some cases, Leica II cameras are equipped with strap lugs and additional modifications.
Very late Leica II cameras are built on complete Leica III basic housings and have slightly different top cap and other parts, which were not yet available at the introduction of the model.

Offered here is a Leica II in black lacquered version with nickel-plated control elements. The camera comes from the year 1932 and is therefore one of the early versions of this model. All the features of the early Leica II cameras are still unchanged. It should be emphasised that this Leica II is equipped with a Summar 2.0/5cm in silver chromed finish! The Summar was in its introduction in 1933 the standard lens with highest full aperture available for the Leica.
Camera and lens are in very good condition, both technically as well as cosmetically.

Total production: 36.936 units in black enamel finish and 15.573 silver chromed ones

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R5

from the first year!

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