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LEICA IIIa (Model G) chrome


The Leica IIIa was introduced in April 1935 as a further development of the Leica III. The most significant innovation of the camera was the increased to 1/1000 sec shortest shutter speed.
Officially, the last series of the Leica IIIa was built in 1950 and within the long production time from 1935 to 1950 a total of approximately 91,887 pieces of this model were produced.
Incidentally, there is no consensus in current literature as to whether, in addition to the regular silver chrome version of the Leica IIIIa, there has also been a version with a black painted camera body.
For example, James Lager points out that there has been no unambiguous indication of a normal serial production of the IIIa in black painted variant.

It is certain that within the Leitz lists from the period 1935 to 1939 only the silver chrome version of IIIa is listed.

Offered is an original condition, silver chrome Leica IIIa from the year of 1937.
Technically and cosmetically, the condition is classified as very good. The slight abrasion of the vulcanite body cover and the traces left by the everready bag on the back of the camera show that this IIIa was used as intended.
The shutter speeds are evidently formed accurately and reproducibly, the viewfinder is clear and brilliant and the rangefinder seems to have no deviation at all.
Noteworthy for a now over 80 years old camera and a sign of the extremely high precision and attention to detail with which this Leica was built.

Total production: approx. 91.887 units

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R5

original condition!

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