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LEICA II c silver chrome


The Leica IIc, which was presented in November 1948 and built until 1951, was a simplified version of the IIIc (2nd version) and is one of the first cameras produced by Leitz after the war.
In this context, it can be said that the Leica IIc contributed not in small part to the positive economic development of Leitz. As a simplified and cheaper model, compared to the IIIc, it was affordable to a much larger customer base.

During the three-year construction period, only two production lots with a total of approx. 10,999 cameras were produced.
Many of the Leica IIc models are equipped with a so-called sharkskin camera cover and you will often find models with significant wear of the chrome plating. The common opinion is, that the materials in the first post-war years were not back to the Leitz typical high quality standard known from before the war.

Offered is a Leica IIc with original packaging and everready case. The camera was sold on 3 November 1950 and comes from first owner!
Technically and cosmetically in very good condition (service in January 2019), only the loose front part of the everready case slightly dims the overall impression.

Total production: approx. 10.999 units

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R5

original boxed!

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