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LEICA M2 "special"


Built from 1957 to 1967, the Leica M2 quickly became the favorite tool of professional photographers, as the camera with its new viewfinder system was designed primarily for use with 35mm wide angle lenses. Just as sturdy and reliable as the Leica M3, it acquired a similarly legendary reputation over the decades.
Among some collectors and users, the Leica M2 is considered to be the origin of the modern Leica M series, as the viewfinder system introduced with it was the basis for all subsequent models.

Our M2 from year of 1966 belongs to the models which were factory equipped with self-timer and is in very good to mint condition.
An absolute special feature is the viewfinder of this M2. It has the viewfinder frames of the model M4 (built from 1967 on), which means the frameline for focal length 135mm is present!
For the first time in 1960 a small series of only 20 Leica M2 camera bodies were equipped with the M4 viewfinder framelines. These extremely rare cameras were for U.S. Government agencies.

The offered M2 "Special" is therefore either modified on customer request (factory modification/conversion) or in some circumstances a sample for the U.S. Military which procured a special version of the M2 in 1966. However, this version was equipped with normal M2 viewfinder framelines and the rapid loading system of the Leica M4.

Total production: approx. 76.349 units in silver chrome

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R5

with M4 viewfinder!

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