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LEICA Digiscoping 35mm lens


Leica Camera AG introduces another accessory in the digiscoping program: the Leica Digiscoping Lens. The 35mm lens is suitable for all cameras with interchangeable lenses and ensures in perfect interaction with the Leica spotting scopes for recordings of impressive quality. The Leica digiscoping lens is the ideal supplement for ambitious nature observers who want to capture their impressions in perfect picture quality. Together with the Leica T2 Adapter, the lens is compatible with any system camera that has an electronic viewfinder or Live View. The Leica T2 adapter is optimized for cameras with APSC sensor, but can also be used for system cameras with smaller or larger sensor.

"With the new Leica digiscoping lens, our customers can quickly and easily switch between observation and photography and thus their impressions in outstanding images

hold tight. Our customers benefit from the excellent quality of our lenses and lenses, "says Nanette Roland, Product Manager Leica Sport Optics (Wetzlar).
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