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LEITZ Summicror-M39 2,0/5cm engraving error


Today we have selected a very special item for you, whose uniqueness only becomes apparent on closer inspection.
The Summicron-M39 2.0/5cm in collabsible mount is one of the legendary standard lenses for Leica M and our specimen is the particularity in detail.

What makes this Summicron so special is that the lens has an engraving error. The engraving is labeled Summicror.
With the strict Leica quality controls such a mistake is almost completely excluded and the well-known Leica connoisseur and collector James L. Lager describes an engraving error as "almost impossible occurrence" in his standard work "Leica - An illustrated history".

Since Leitz and later on Leica has certainly corrected a lens or camera body with faulty engraving in the context of normal maintenance/service works, it is nowadays almost unique to find a lens, a camera or accessory with misengraving!

Offered is a classic Summicron-M39 2,0/5cm in collabsible mount from the year 1957.
The cosmetic condition is very good to mint. Due to the fact that the lens is in unaltered original condition, the glasses have a fine haze and slight fungus on the front lens.

Total production: one of a kind

Rarity: R9

Rarity forecast: R9

almost unique!

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