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LEICA III "copper-plated"

Today we present you a very special piece.

Since for many Leica collectors and photographers the aesthetic aspect of a Leica always plays a role, and many see more than a mere tool in the camera, we have considered a small highlight for you.
Again and again there are classic Leica cameras that have been used a lot over the decades and which need repair. In individual cases, however, one stands as a user at a point where the camera is repaired either only under unreasonable means or has irreparable damage. But should one dispose such a camera simply?

We think that something like that should not happen to a Leica.
So we decided to breathe life into such a lost cause.

The basis of the Leica "copper-plated" presented here was a Leica III with Summar 2.0/5cm lens.
Camera and lens were handed over to a specialized company, which has copper-plated the Leica III including attached lens by means of a galvanic process.
The result is a beautiful, 594 grams III "copper-plated" which as a pure object not only brings out the technical aesthetics, but also the design of a classic Leica screw-mount camera with its smooth, copper-red surface!


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