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LEICA M3 DS gold Replica


Today we present a very special item.
It is a Leica M3 double stroke (built in 1957) with Elmar 3.5/5cm (built in 1954) which was converted on customer request with a 14k real gold surface. The camera was further covered with a cognac-colored reptile leather cover and is modeled after the extremely rare gold-plated Leica M3 cameras.
The gold plated Leica M3 cameras were exceptional pieces, one of which was sent to Leitz New York on July 28, 1956. Another gold M3 was presented to the Tiranty family (Leica representation France) in 1957 and a third gold M3 was donated to the Dalai Lama (Source: F. Giunta "Leica M mount cameras").
In addition, the Leica M3 which Alfred Eisenstaedt received in 1960 was converted from the regular silver-chrome version to a gold-plated M3 at the Leica factory in 1989.

The work was not carried out at Leitz or Leica itself, but is of extremely high quality. The gold plating is done without any further surface coating and it seems that the M3 and the Elmar 5cm were expertly disassembled before the work was carried out. Even camera and lens bayonet are gold plated!
The technical and cosmetic condition are very good to mint.

An unusual and rare single piece with clearly identifiable historical models.

Total production: one of a kind

Rarity: -

Rarity forecast: -


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