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LEITZ Summicron M39 2,0/5cm dummy

Leica produced so called dummy models of then current camera models and lenses beginning in the 1930s. The dummys were assigned for display use and are not working units. Mostly consisting of the main camera body, the top and base plate and finished with a set of controls.

The lens dummys were usually made with a full working focussing mount without optical system and aperture. Apart from the camera dummys the lenses have no serial number and no marking as a dummy!
The quantity made looks to be even lesser than camera dummys and so is very uncommon to find.

Due to the fact that dummys were made in a low quantity they evolved quickly to an idividual collectors area.

Offered is a Leitz Summicron M39 2/5cm dummy lens in collapsible mount. The condition is good to very good. The aparture ring is very loose.

Total production: not known exactly, it is assumed that the production was very low!

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R7


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