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LEICA M10-P Edition "Safari" - set


The Leica M10-P Edition "Safari" was launched in February 2019 and is a limited edition of only 1,500 pieces worldwide.
The camera follows the special models of the Leica M8.2 and the Leica M-P (Type 240), which are already available as "Safari" version. Among the younger models were also a special edition of the M6TTL and an olive green painted Leica MP, which was specially designed for the Japanese market.

For the first time Leica used the term "Safari" in the olive green version of the Leica R3 from the years 1977/78. The camera appeared as a limited edition to meet the then extremely strong demand for olive-green Leica cameras.
The Leica M cameras supplied to the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) in the 1950s and 60s were the first models in which the top cap and base plate were painted olive and the vulcanite is finished in the same color. All metal control elements were usually silver chromed. These models are very much sought after by collectors worldwide and achieve top prices.

The Leica "Safari" set we offer consists of the Leica M10-P and the simultaneously presented by Leica and individually sold Summicron-M 2/50mm "Safari".
Except for the modified surface finish, both the camera and the lens are technically identical to the regular production models.

The delivery complies with the specifications of the usually individually offered M10-P edition "Safari" and the Summicron-M 2 / 50mm "Safari".

Total production: only 1.500 camera bodies worldwide

Rarity: R8

Rarity forecast: R8


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