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LEICA Elmar-M39 4,0/90mm black paint


Built between 1931 and 1964, the Elmar 4.0/9cm is one of the first four lenses built for the Leica I in an interchangeable version.
Over the long production period, there have been numerous changes to the lens barrel and also to the optical design. Originally built as a lens with screw thread mount a version with bayonet mount for the Leica M series was introduced in 1954. The optical design was always a triplet with four lenses. From 1964 to 1968, the successor was built with only three lenses. This even achieved an increased imaging performance.
Furthermore, there was the Elmar 9cm in a collabsible version, but only with M-bayonet available. The lens has also been adapted for special applications. The best known example of this case is the so-called. Opthalmic-Elmar.

Offered is an Elmar 4.0/9cm from 1936 in very good, unchanged original conditon.

Total production:approx. 175.000 units

Rarity: regular just R1, but in this condition R5

Rarity forecast: R5 in the condition offered


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